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Have an engaging website that describes who you are, what services you offer and how you can be reached. Explain how your services may benefit your audience and selling those benefits to you future clients is half of the work!

Don't make it difficult for future clients to find the great services you offer, this means you need to have an online presence that includes a well structured SEO (search engine optimization) and make sure you link your google business with your key information because that is also important!

Target your audience with the type of marketing you know they want to see. Get to know your customers online behaviours and move from reactive to proactive in your marketing approach to grow faster.


Waysto engage your audienceandgrow your business

You want to become more profitable. You want your business to succeed. Then you must learn the most important and fundamental aspect which is to understand who you want to engage with and that means your audience, those are your future customers.


But how? 

TodayEverything is onlineTomorrowso could your business

                     Over 16 years consulting experience working with a broad range of clients across multiple industries

Unique, modern and striking designs to be utilised

Expertise in marketing strategies and digtial marketing

I am reliable with a great sense of passion for each and every client on a personal level

reliable hosting platform that provides HTTPS and SSL protocols which ensures a stable and secure communication between your visitors and you

I take responsibility for the satisfaction of my clients and will offer great customer service and post customer support when required

I can work efficiently without compromising quality to the work I deliver

Guaranteed reasonable, low cost and competitive rates

BeTechDesign follows 3 easy steps in the creation of your website...

I first listen to what your business brand needs are, your business objectives and long term strategic goals.

 Understanding your longer term needs helps me create a future proof and scalable design. I can then give you a project plan and timeline for when you can launch your new website! 

If you currently have a website we can discuss what works well and what challenges you want to overcome and together we can make the impossible absolutely possible!

The real work begins and the fun stuff for me. I will get working on the design and strategic needs for your business. I will involve you by setting up a test site so you can approve the development or adapt where necessary. 

Testing is incredibly important! We can either do this together or I can take this off your hands and manage the entire process end-to-end.

After development is finished we can discuss whether you want to become a collaborator and leave the website ownership on me or you prefer to take all the ownership on you.

The day when you website will be delivered to you and launched across the web! You move one step closer to your business strategic goals and I get to make a client happy! 

My recommendation for the next steps would be to take a review with me on a regular basis so we can continually improve your website and ensuring it is up to date with the latest images, products, services, reviews and other relevant content that will help you in your competing market unit. 

If you want to take things further we can take a look at other marketing strategies together such as SEO, SMO, Advertisements, email marketing...

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